Couture & Vintage Clothing

Luxtailor specializes in restyling & renovation of your well-loved items including Couture & Vintage Pieces. We are known for tailoring vintage and couture pieces to make them look brand new. From repair to redesign, our tailors can renew the condition of your piece while maintaining the integrity of the design. From recycling textiles to combining fabrics, we maintain an environmental purpose to reduce waste.

Repairs & Alterations

  • Repair rips or tears in clothing
  • Adding patches or panels with fabrics & trims such as Grossgrain, Ribbon, Etc.
  • Repair/replace closures such as hook & eyes, snaps or zippers
Vintage Clothing (img 4) – Luxtailor
Vintage Clothing (img 5 ) – Luxtailor
Vintage Clothing (img 6) – Luxtailor
Vintage Clothing (img 7) – Luxtailor
Vintage Clothing (img 8 ) – Luxtailor

Garment Renovation

  • Adding trim or fabric on clothes
    – Clothing can be accentuated with new details or finishes
  • Combining clothing – We can take your measurments & create a unique size with your beloved garments.
  • Create new closures for buttonholes, zippers, pockets.
    Our tailors can add grosgrain to lapels on suits, apply lace applique finishes to the hem of a skirt, finishes with different piping on zippers, pockets and closures, we do it all.