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Women’s Services A woman deserves to feel her best when her clothes fit correctly. We specialize in all types of apparel, from gowns and cocktail dresses for weddings or parties to seasonal pieces and casual attire, such as skirts, jackets, coats, jumpsuits, pants, lingerie, & outerwear. We’re dedicated to helping New York, NY, women look fantastic and stylish as they go about their daily lives, whether it’s heading to work or a night out on the town.

Dress & Gown Alterations

For your opportunity to shine, make sure you are wearing the right dress for the occasion. We specialize in gown alterations, cocktail dresses, & non-formal dresses. If you’ve been searching for the ideal place to handle your wedding gown alterations near New York or Manhattan, NY, look no further than our team of experienced tailors. We understand how important this special occasion is and strive to ensure your dress fits beautifully, so you shine as bright as a star on this special day. We take careful measurements and complete multiple fittings to ensure your bridal dress fitting is as perfect as you want it to be.

Everyday Fashion

While many women only turn to a tailor for gowns and dresses, particularly wedding gown alterations in New York and Manhattan, NY, we can provide tailoring service for all types of garments, even your everyday fashions. We understand how important it is to look as good as you feel, giving you the confidence you deserve. Let us help you get the perfect fit for all of your clothing.

Coats and Outerwear Specialization

From seasonal coats to vintage leather jackets, we can upgrade your Fall/Winter wardrobe with individualized alterations. We will restore your most beloved pieces with a new flair for the season. We can replace lining, fix fur trims, adjust closures, & replace zippers. We work with a variety of textiles and fabrics, from double-face coats to puffy jackets. From lengthening sleeves to shortening hems, there is no limit to what we can do.

Doubleface Women’s Coats – Luxtailor
Woman’s Jacket – Luxtailor
Classic Jacket – Luxtailor
Puffy Jackets - Luxtailor
Stylish Women’s Jacket – Luxtailor

Jeans & Blazers

A woman needs a well-fitted tailored jacket for the business savvy world we live in. From shortening sleeves to taking in sides, we make the adjustments to fit perfectly to your body. In addition to providing tailoring services for blazers, we can also alter your jeans, giving you a perfect fit, even if you struggle to find jeans that fit well. We’ll make sure they fit like they were made for you.

Custom Tailoring

At Luxtailor, we offer services to create custom clothing. Our tailors can create the garment of your dreams. Always wanted something classic and timeless? We can make it. Your ideas can be manifested into fabulous new clothes, from skirts to summer dresses, statement culottes pants to the essential wardrobe pieces for each season, we can recreate anything you think of. Our creative team can come up with ideas to repurpose your beloved items and re-use fabrics to make something trendy and sustainable. Schedule an appointment with our talented team and find out what we can create for you to give you the custom wardrobe you want.

Looking for custom gown tailor near New York and Manhattan, NY? Luxtailor got you covered, contact us today!